To reserve a breeding, the Mare Owner should print two (2) originals of this document (review, fill-out, sign, date both originals), and then the following must be mailed to Stallion Owner:

NOTE: Stallion Owner Stallion Owner will sign both (2) copies of Breeding Contract when received and will mail back one (1) fully signed original to Mare Owner for records.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hays Paint Horses - Breeding Contract

This agreement is by and between Beth Ann Hays/Hays Paint Horses, Owner of Stallion Texas Magnolia

(APHA # 475,256) residing at 3720 County Road 257, Fulton, Missouri 65251, hereinafter referred to as

the Stallion Owner, and (YOUR NAME HERE) _________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Mare Owner.

Stallion Owner agrees to breed Texas Magnolia to Mare :

(MARE’S NAME HERE) ___________________________________, Breed : (Example: APHA, AQHA) _____________

Registration #:________________, which is owned/leased by Mare Owner during the year 20_______.

Requested Date(s) for moving Mare to Stallion Owner’s property : ____________________________________.


The above listed Stallion Owner and Mare Owner (the ‘parties’) agree to the following:

  1. Breeding to this Stallion will be by attended "Live Cover" only. Both parties understand the definition and dangers of live cover breeding and shall hold each other harmless.
  2. The Stallion service fee shall be Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00). A One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) non-refundable booking fee, part of the $400.00 service fee, is required at least two weeks before expected breeding. The remaining full fee amount is due when are is moved to Stallion Owner’s property. This breeding fee includes a special live and color foal guarantee as defined at on Stallion’s pages. Mare Owner should print guarantee and retain with this contract.
  3. If Mare Owner fails to deliver Mare for breeding/re-breeding, then any and all fees paid shall be non-refundable, the right to any further re-breeding is canceled, and the Stallion Owner is released from any further obligation whatsoever.
  4. Beginning with day Mare arrives, a non-refundable boarding/mare care fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) per day for non-nursing or for Eight Dollars ($8.00) per day for mare nursing a foal, shall be due for each day Mare/foal are on the Stallion Owner’s property (full day fee due for date of arrival, no fees on date of departure). The Stallion Owner shall have an ownership lien on the mare for unpaid bills (i.e. Stallion Owner may refuse to release mare to Mare Owner until bills are paid in full).
  5. The Stallion Owner provides the following feeds: Alfalfa Hay alternating with good quality mixed grass hay and/or Oats. If other special feed, hay, grain, other is required the Mare Owner shall cover the cost of and shall supply the special food with specific written feeding instructions.
  6. The Stallion Owner shall provide reasonable care to the above named mare (and foal, if applicable). The Mare Owner warrants that the mare (and foal, if applicable) is healthy and in breeding condition. If any special or particular care (restrictions, veterinary, or other) of mare/foal is desired by the Mare Owner, such care shall be specifically defined in writing to the Stallion Owner when the mare (and foal, if applicable) is transported to Stallion Owner’s property.
  7. The Stallion Owner shall not be held liable for injury, sickness, or death of the above named mare (and/or foal, if applicable), regardless of how this may occur. Likewise, the Mare Owner shall not be held liable for injury or death of the stallion arising from this service agreement.
  8. In the event of injury, death, or illness of Stallion, Stallion Owner has option to postpone or cancel this contract. In this case, breeding fees paid by Mare Owner will be refunded to Mare Owner.
  9. The Mare Owner agrees that the Stallion Owner has permission to have the mare (and foal, if applicable) treated by a licensed Veterinarian to have normal Veterinary services performed for anything which might affect health of the mare/foal in emergency situations, at the expense of the Mare Owner. Mare Owner will be notified immediately of any such emergency care situation.
  10. Mare Owner guarantees that above named Mare is current on all vaccinations and de-worming (administered at least 2 weeks prior to arrival at Stallion Owner’s property). Mare Owner agrees the Stallion Owner reserves the right to refuse service to any mare appearing to be unfit or unsafe for handling or breeding, in the opinion of the Stallion Owner. In this case, breeding fees paid by Mare Owner will be refunded to Mare Owner.
  11. A copy of the mare’s original registration papers and a copy proof of negative Coggins must be provided to Stallion Owner by Mare Owner BEFORE Mare may be transported to Stallion Owner’s property. Mail with two contract forms, and the booking fee, etc.
  12. The above named mare MUST be halter broke and easy to handle. Foals accompanying mares must be halter broke and/or easily caught, haltered, and handled. Your foal will be handled daily while at our facility, so it is important for the safety of mare and foal, and to make breeding less stressful for the mare/foal, that foal be easy to handle.
  13. For the safety of the mare and the stallion, breeding hobbles, a twitch, a tranquilizer, or other restraint may be used on the Mare ONLY if it becomes absolutely necessary in the opinion of Stallion Owner.
  14. The Stallion Owner shall attempt with reasonable diligence to settle the mare. If however, for any reason, the mare does not settle, the Mare Owner will hold the Stallion Owner harmless.
  15. If Mare Owner chooses to remove Mare from Stallion Owner’s property without allowing necessary time to settle the mare during the breeding season, all unpaid board and other agreed expenses become due and payable before Mare is removed from Stallion Owner’s property, and the live foal guarantee becomes null and void.
  16. This contract is not transferable without prior written agreement approved by the Stallion Owner.
  17. A Breeder’s Certificate shall be provided to Mare Owner by Stallion Owner after foal is born. The Mare Owner will be solely responsible for seeking registration of the resulting foal in the appropriate registry and paying all associated fees.


By signing this contract, both parties agree to consider it legally binding, and valid. Two originals of this document will be signed by both parties with one original to be retained by Mare Owner and one to be retained by Stallion Owner.










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Shawn and/or Beth Hays


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Fulton, MO 65251 PHONE NO.: 573 – 642 – 8214

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