Our Stallion

   FOR SALE  (standing until sold)

HAYS  CAPTAIN  JACK    " Captain Jack "

APHA  680,354


                   BLOODLINES                 Email for more photos                      2005 Foal

 FEE $ 400      MARE CARE:  $5/day dry;  $8/day wet

Live Cover Only            Negative LWOG        

LCFG (Live Color Foal Guarantee - click here for terms)

Breeding CONTRACT (Contract - click here for terms)

We raised this stallion and left him intact for breeding purposes based on his bloodlines, color, and outstanding physical appearance. We are hoping that Captain Jack will pass along his sire's attributes to his offspring, as well as some color/paint markings.   This is just too nice a young stallion prospect to geld and hopefully he will find a permanent home in someone's program one of these days.  Until then, we plan to expose a limited number of mares to this stallion to see if his offspring are all that we hope they might be.  Please note that Captain Jack is registered as a tob-overo which reflects the combination of markings in his coat pattern.  Both his sire, Texas Magnolia, and his dam, Miss Sophy Blue, are still part of our breeding program and both have DNA-tested negative for the Lethal White Overo Gene (LWOG).  Because the sire and dam are both negative,  Hays Captain Jack is also negative for the LWOG.  For our program, paint color/markings are a bonus, but conformation, attitude and performance ability are always the priorities!     Click for more info about LWOG

Live cover only        Note:  The $400 Fee includes a $100 non-refundable booking fee due 2-weeks in advance of planned breeding date(s).    You must provide us with a current Coggins and health certificate on your mare before you bring her to our farm (and please remove mare's rear shoes).   Mare care:  dry @ $5/day or wet @ $8/day.  Call or email us if you have questions.