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APHA  475,256




FOALS by Texas Magnolia

See FOALS by Texas Magnolia on our "Foals" page

 FEE $ 400      MARE CARE:  $5/day dry;  $8/day wet

Live Cover Only            Negative LWOG        

LCFG (Live Color Foal Guarantee - click here for terms)

Breeding CONTRACT (Contract - click here for terms)

We selected this stallion for temperament, bloodlines, and physical appearance. He consistently passes these attributes to his foals. You’ll note that Texan is a breeding stock (solid) stallion.  For our program, color/markings are a bonus, but conformation, attitude and performance ability are priorities.

A secondary goal of our program at Hays Paint Horses is to produce overo-marked horses that are negative for the lethal white overo gene (LWOG).   Click for more info about LWOG

Live cover only        Note:  The $400 Fee includes a $100 non-refundable booking fee due 2-weeks in advance of planned breeding date(s).    You must provide us with a current Coggins and health certificate on your mare before you bring her to our farm (and please remove mare's rear shoes).   Mare care:  dry @ $5/day or wet @ $8/day.  Call or email us if you have questions.